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Staroamer's Fate

Chuck Rothman

ISBN: 978-1-61720-746-4

198 pages, $13.99



Quarnian Dow is a syron, driven by her intuition, anticipating the future and acting without knowing why—just that she has to. Often, she's a hero. Sometimes, she's a thief. Her talent takes her from planet to planet, buffeted by fate and never knowing what it will force her to do.

And now, her intuition is leading her to the legendary Staroamer, a generation ship that vanished centuries ago. But the Staroamer has secrets in its vast dark chambers, and they may be dangers that even a Syron's abilities can't overcome.

Praise for Staroamer's Fate:

Rothman brings to his novel a certain freshness and vigor which makes Staroamer's Fate anything but hackneyed. Very little is dull here. —Dan Chow, Locus

Nothing profound, but fun. I liked it. —John Betancourt, Amazing Stories

One of the unique heroines to come along… This is the sort of action/adventure story that can be enjoyed on several levels, and by people who are not necessarily hard-core SF fans. Definitely a good read. —Roberta Rogow, Voya