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James Gunn

ISBN: 978-1-61720-058-8

150 pages, $13.99



He can save the future…
If only he could remember the past.

Bill Johnson is a man with a future… well, with many futures. But now he's in the present, and he has absolutely no memory of who he is, where he comes from, or what he's done. All he knows is what he's just read in the letter he apparently wrote to himself: that he was instrumental in saving the world, again. And that's his job: to save the world, and then to lose all memory of having done so.

Plagued by this lack of memory, and by the strange dreams of horrific futures that will come to pass if he doesn't act, Johnson moves from nightmare to nightmare, helping to fix what will go wrong. He doesn't know if he can keep it up, but he knows that he has to. It's his job, his mission in time, to avert the impending Crisis!


Table of Contents:
Prelude: Man in the Cage
Episode One: End of the World
Episode Two: Child of the Sun
Episode Three: Man of the Hour
Episode Four: Touch of the Match
Episode Five: Woman of the Year
Episode Six: Will-of-the-Wisp