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What We Still Talk About

Scott Edelman

ISBN: 978-1-60459-938-1

222 pages, $13.99



Stranded time travelers. Alien archeologists. Angst-ridden robots. And a universe-saving songwriter named… Randy Newman. (Really.) You'll meet them all (and more) between the covers of What We Still Talk About, gathering Scott Edelman's best science fiction short stories from the past thirty years.

Visit our eventual robot children, for whom we have become nothing more than a myth, struggle to understand what it means to be made of flesh.

Travel with the last man on the Moon as he gets a chance to restore Earth's space-faring future. (But at what cost?)

And discover squabbling posthumans so powerful they can rebuild planets on a whim… but are clueless when it comes to mending a broken heart.

When tomorrow finally comes, these eleven tales will be What We Still Talk About.


"Scott Edelman is one of the most talented practitioners of the short story…" —SFRevu

"Like some creature out of Star Trek, Scott Edelman projects a game of distortion that elevates all existence within its influence for the realm of the surreal." —Adam-Troy Castro


Praise for Scott Edelman's collection What Will Come After

"…a compendium of singular treasures… a heartbreaking and beautiful literary tour-de-force…" —Locus

"…a deeply worthwhile collection by one of dark fiction's most versatile authors." —SCI FI

"He really pulled the old heartstrings with this book and I loved every minute of it!" —Mass Movement


Table of Contents:
What We Still Talk About
True Love in the Day After Tomorrow
The Last Man on the Moon
Together Forever at the End of the World
A Very Private Tour of a Very Public Museum
Mom, the Martians, and Me
The Only Thing That Mattered
Choosing Time
Eros and Agape Among the Asteroids
My Life is Good