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A King of Infinite Space

Allen Steele

ISBN: 978-1-60459-919-0

292 pages, $14.99


Also available as an ebook, $7.49



"This is the story of the last day of my life, and everything that happened after that."

Back in print after a decade, A King of Infinite Space is the final volume of Allen Steele's award-winning Near-Space series, and a cult-favorite among readers. Ranging from a Lollapalooza concert of 1995 to the asteroid belt of 2099, it's the tale of a young man who dies, becomes reborn, and crosses the solar system in search of his lost love… and grows to be a better man, despite himself.


"Steele's hero tells his story in such a way that the reader learns a lot more about him than he is aware of himself. Surprisingly, his bodacious adventures provide good wheels for a rather thoughtful book." —Absolute Magnitude

"Alec's story is fast, breezy, funny, and compelling as we follow his journey from spoiled brat to downtrodden slave to hero." —Denver Post