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Human Voices

James Gunn

ISBN: 978-1-60459-731-8

236 pages, $14.99



In Human Voices you will find stories covering the past three decades of James Gunn's career: imaginative, entertaining speculations revealing insight—and foresight—into human nature now and in the future, which are the unmistakable hallmarks of his best fiction.

Table of Contents:
The Old Folks
The Voices
Child of the Sun
The North Wind
Among the Beautiful Bright Children
The Futurist
Man of Parts
The Gingerbread Man
The Day the Magic Came Back
The Lens of Time
The End-of-the-World Ball
The Giftie


"James Gunn's work is always polished, ironic, and deeply concerned about humankind. Long before I knew him, his stories and novels were a pleasure to read, and this has never changed." —George Zebrowski, Award Winning author of Macrolife and Brute Orbits

"First-rate science fiction." —Publishers Weekly

"One of the very best fictional portrayals of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence ever written." —Carl Sagan

"In literary craftsmanship as well as concept, the novel is daringly innovative." —Jack Williamson, SFWA Grand Master

"These are consistently and admirably intelligent, austerely but effectively written stories…" —Roland Green, Booklist

"Jim Gunn is one of the true giants of science fiction, and although I've never told him so, one of my heroes. As an author, he's given us many fine novels and short stories." —Robin Wayne Bailey