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Non-Parallel Universes

Bud Sparhawk

ISBN: 978-1-5154-1020-1

268 pages, $14.99

Publication Date: May 30, 2017


Also available as an ebook, $price



Bud Sparhawk's stories accept no limits, from the edges of the galaxy to the inner recesses of the human heart, from the very beginnings of life to the very end of time. All that range, and more, is on display in this collection of 19 stories, we meet space pirates and bounty hunters, baseball pitchers and intelligent toilets. From a pair of buddies brewing beer on Jupiter, to a couple of old friends reconnecting at an environmental rally, the people living these incredible lives in unbelievable situations are relatable and human. But whether it's an insterstellar pilot skipping through the centuries as he travels the universe, or a boy trying not alienate his loving father, we recognize ourselves in each of them.


"Bud Sparhawk is a writer of clarity, wit, and insight. His stories provoke wonder, will sometimes give you a good laugh, and always make you think. I enjoy his work, and believe you will, too." —Allen Steele, three-time Hugo Award-winner

"Bud Sparhawk's imagination knows no limits. A dazzling collection." —Jack McDevitt, Nebula Award-winner

"In today's science fiction field, if I hear these three descriptors—'one of the living masters of the short form,' 'humor and pathos in equal measure,' and 'universally accessible,'—I know whose work is being discussed: Bud Sparhawk's. And you hold the very finest of that work in your hands." —Charles E. Gannon, author of the Tales of the Terran Republic series

"A collection of Bud Sparhawk's work is as diverse and mind-blowing as an anthology of a dozen other writers. His stories can span the breadth of the Universe, or the distance between a man and his son. He can even unlock the heart of a crusty curmudgeon (like you, perhaps) and find a world of hope and wonder." —Robert R. Chase, author of The Game of Fox and Lion

Table of Contents:
Astronomic Distance / Geologic Time
The Tortuous Path
The Suit
The Snack
Encounter in a Yellow Wood
The Old Man's Best
True Friends
No Cord or Cable
Ten Winks to Forever
Tommy and the Beast
Footprints in the Snow