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Science Fiction

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The Clock Struck None

Lou Antonelli

Introduction by Scott A. Cupp

A collection of alternate and secret history short stories: From airships lost between universes, to golems winning the fight against racism, with side trips to the Civil War, Brigadoon, and the Titanic, this collection also features cameos by O. Henry, Robert E. Howard, and Rod Serling.



Fantastic Texas

Lou Antonelli

Introduction by Howard Waldrop

From ancient nuclear wars to the secret of sexual attraction, the possibilities are limitless in Lou Antonelli's collection.



Find the Changeling

Gregory Benford & Gordon Eklund

The alien had powers that could wreck a world—and a maniac dream of ultimate chaos.




The Favored

Morgan J. Bolt

YA science fiction dystopia: In a far-future theocracy, seventeen-year-old Kallam slowly realizes the ever-present bots are as human as he is, and that maybe his world isn't the benign utopia he thought it was.




The Qualia Engine

Damien Broderick

Foreword by Mary Robinette Kowal

Collection of science fiction short stories from this A. Bertram Chandler award-winner and Theodore Sturgeon award-finalist.



Dark Gray

Damien Broderick & Rory Barnes

A novel of abduction.

Finalist for the Aurealis Award and for the Ditmar Award.



Jewish Futures

edited by Michael A. Burstein

What will Jews and Judaism look like in the future? This all-new anthology will be exploring those questions and more.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign (though the funding goal has been reached, so the book will exist.

Also, click through for the writers' guidelines to submit a story.



The Description of a New World called The Blazing-World

by Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle

Introduction by Ian Randal Strock


A fanciful depiction of a utopian kingdom in another world that can be reached via the North Pole. It may be "the only known work of utopian fiction by a woman in the 17th century."



Science Fiction for the Throne: One-Sitting Reads

edited by Tom Easton & Judith K. Dial

Science fiction anthology.

Forty wonderful short stories, each perfect for reading in one sitting. The authors in this book have earned a combined 10 Nebula Awards (from 60 nominations) and 10 Hugo Awards (from 118 nominations).




What We Still Talk About

Scott Edelman

Science fiction collection.

Stranded time travelers,alien archeologists, angst-ridden robots, and more populate Scott Edelman's best science fiction short stories from the past thirty years.




The Dark Wing

Walter H. Hunt

After years of all-out war, the alien zor have mounted a surprise attack against the human colony worlds. Earth's only possibility for success is to recall retired admiral and scholar Ivan Hector Charles Marais, who thinks he can defeat the enemy… if he can convince them he is their mythologically foreordained destroyer.




The Dark Path

Walter H. Hunt

Sequel to The Dark Wing. A veteran commander is placed in the path of an invasion by an unknown enemy, but she is soon placed in an even more difficult position: assuming the role of an alien legendary hero, whose fate is predestined. How far will she go before she steps off the path that has been created for her to follow?




A Song in Stone

Walter H. Hunt

Twenty-first century television personality Ian Graham finds himself in the year 1307, as an initiate to the Knights Templar. Can he find his way back to the present before the entire order is tortured or murdered?




Father of the Bride of Frankenstein

Daniel M. Kimmel

Comic science fiction: A man can only protect his daughter from so much when she comes home and tells him she wants to marry a man who may not be human. A new comedy from the author of Jar Jar Binks Must Die….




Shh! It's a Secret:

a novel about Aliens, Hollywood, and the Bartender's Guide

Daniel M. Kimmel

Comic science fiction: When aliens finally visit Earth, they're friendly, but distinctly alien. That's why movie executive Jake Berman is thrown for a loop when he's made responsible for one of the aliens, and as a film promoter, keeping secrets just isn't in his nature.




Time On My Hands:

My Misadventures In Time Travel

Daniel M. Kimmel

Does for time travel what Shh! It's a Secret did for alien invasion novels, as Professor Price explains how he came to be in possession of a time travel device which he may have invented himself. Publishers Weekly calls the novel entertaining, thought-provoking, and emotionally moving.




Little Brother's World

T. Jackson King

An updated Citizen of the Galaxy.

In a world where pre-natal genetic engineering determines one's entire life structure, Little Brother is the only person without a GeneCode tattoo to dictate that future. When he teams up with a girl, the thrown-away offspring of the highest levels of society, they'll turn their world upside down…



Judgment Day and Other Dreams

T. Jackson King

"I sometimes think a writer's greatest virtues are persistence and endurance, and it seems as if you have them." —Roger Zelazny, Hugo and Nebula Award winner

"Congratulations on the long overdue story collection, Tom! What I find most terrific is your range of topics and styles. You have always been an explorer." —David Brin, Hugo and Nebula Award winner



The Memory Singer

T. Jackson King

Three couples and their children have retired from scavenging among Alien ruins to the star system Nilong. Teenage Jax and her ship-siblings know only ship life. But now they're in a much bigger world. Their parents are Memroy Singers, combining ancient songs with personal memories of Earth via the memorynet device in the family's space cabaret.

Rebellious Jax is determined to explore this unknown environment, meet Aliens, and set her own life course. Can she survive on a planet full of Aliens? Can she connect with the Alien who helps her escape to the wilderness? The answers she finds teach her what it means to grow up.


The Biggest Bounty

Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano

Follow the wacky adventures of interstellar bounty hunters Zeus (the super-genius brains) and Fiore (the chemically-enhanced muscle) as they accumulate friends, foes, and an outrageous collection of the strangest milks in the galaxy.…




The Double Bounty

Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano

Fiore is the (chemically enhanced) muscle; Zeus is the (super-genius) brains. Together, they’re out to become the greatest interstellar bounty hunters ever (but they're not very good at it yet). The Double Bounty is the sure-to-keep-you-laughing sequel to The Biggest Bounty.




Angel at Apogee

S.N. Lewitt

"Angel at Apogee is an excellently drawn description of two races who must either learn to compromise or face extinction." —Andre Norton





Blind Justice

S.N. Lewitt

The Justica stole his ship, his friends, and ten years of his life. Now it's time to even the score.





S.N. Lewitt

It's not easy being the best.

When pilot and artificially intelligent stealth craft merge as one, the possibilities are endless. But when there's a traitor in the squadron, things become a lot more dangerous.

"Vivid glimpses of high-tech hardware, and the black paranoid universe of a military at war." —David Drake, author of Hammer's Slammers


Dancing Vac

Shariann Lewitt

The electrifying sequel to Cyberstealth!

This time, it's fly or die.



Interface Masque

Shariann Lewitt

A hard SF novel of high-end data manipulation in a baroque future Venice.




Memento Mori

Shariann Lewitt

When you're trapped on a quarantined planet, waiting for the end, what else is there to do but turn your remaining days into a work of art?




Songs of Chaos

S.N. Lewitt

In a future Europe where genetic engineering is the commonplace, a throwback non-engineered artist finds himself an outcast. After falling in with space pirates, he finally finds a place where his artistic talents are valued.…




White Wing

Shariann Lewitt & Susan Shwartz

After the destruction of Earth, a tight-knit group of survivors fights for revenge and the honor of the species, the honor of the wing. But a powerful enemy is out to brand them traitors, to destroy the last of humanity.…




The Shores of Death

Michael Moorcock

It's the end of the world, as humanity has bifurcated into day dwellers and night dwellers on a non-rotating Earth. Is immortality their only chance for survival?




The Sundered Worlds

Michael Moorcock

The first book of the multiverse.




The Winds of Limbo

Michael Moorcock

He was a mysterious cosmic presence who came out of nowhere with the incredible promise to free the dying planet.




The Wrecks of Time

Michael Moorcock

Fifteen dying Earths lie outside space and time. Professor Faustus must fight a seemingly losing battle, with the very pattern of the Universe in the balance.




The Distant Suns

Michael Moorcock & Philip James

An Eternal Champion Novel.




Lovers & Fighters, Starships & Dragons

Tom Purdom

With an introduction by Michael Swanwick, this is a collection of twelve of Purdom's more recent tales, including the 2000 Hugo Award finalist "Fossil Games". As Swanwick says, these stories feature fascinating and psychologically complex characters, and intrepid investigation into the human heart.




Romance on Four Worlds: A Casanova Quartet

Tom Purdom

The Moon. Phobos. The Kuiper Belt. A giant globe-circling habitat on Mercury. Joseph Louis Baske roams the Solar System in the same way the great 18th century adventurer, Giacomo Casanova, roamed across Europe—and gets in trouble for the same reason. Romance is the glory of his days. It never lasts, but every episode is an adventure.




King Freedom

Uncle River

When tyrant fanatics long have commanded both government and institutions of religion, what can ordinary people do?




Staroamer's Fate

Chuck Rothman

Quarnian Dow is a syron, driven by her intuition, anticipating the future and acting without knowing why. Now she's found the formerly-vanished generation ship Staroamer, but she may not survive the encounter…




Syron's Fate

Chuck Rothman

In this sequel to Staroamer's Fate, Quarnian Dow is manipulated by fate, her intuition taking her from danger to danger, taking actions without ever knowing why and trusting that they will be the right thing. And when a mysterious woman makes her a target, it sends her off to a world with impossible gravity and human inhabitants where no humans ever inhabited...




Distant Seas

Bud Sparhawk

A solo around-the-world sailing race is only the first of Louella Parsons' sailing adventures. Her expertise takes her to the cloud-tops of Jupiter and the dusty plains of Mars, as sailor Bud Sparhawk relates these tales of human ingenuity and stamina, or our ever-present love of the seas.




Non-Parallel Universes

Bud Sparhawk

A fascinating and wide-ranging collection of stories that range from your neighbor's back yard to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, peopled by the environmental activist you see in the grocery store, and the interstellar pilot living in completely alien worlds and millennia. Here are 19 of Sparhawk's best stories that will ccaptivate you and make you dream.




The Doppler Effect and Other Stories

Allen Steele

Three short science fiction novels that also fall squarely in the realm of mystery-suspense fiction. Ride along with the award-winning author as he investigates in interstellar hoax, a disappearance on an alien planet, and Albert Einstein's encounter with Nazis aboard a giant flying boat.





A King of Infinite Space

Allen Steele

"An intelligent, sophisticated suspense novel with many surprises." —Science Fiction Weekly






Allen Steele

Publication date: November 2, 2021

"Steele pulls off an unusual genre-bending adventure in this mélange of far-future alien-human interaction and classic gumshoe investigation.… Steele's engaging tough-guy narrator and well-wrought alien culture make this an enjoyable romp for both science fiction and detective story fans." —Publishers Weekly



Sex and Violence in Zero-G:
The Complete "Near Space" Stories, Expanded Edition

Allen Steele

All the stories of Allen Steele's award-winning "Near Space" series—now in an expanded and revised second edition!

Includes the Hugo Award-winning novella "The Death of Captain Future" and the Hugo Award-winning novelette "The Emperor of Mars."



Tales of Time and Space

Allen Steele

From the deserts of Mars to the distant frontiers of the galaxy, from an island paradise of the 1930's to an apocalyptic showdown between humans and robots on the day after tomorrow, Allen Steele transports you to worlds unvisited and events that haven't been experienced… until now!




The Heads of Cerberus

Francis Stevens

Introduction by Darrell Schweitzer

First published in the fabulously rare pulp magazine The Thrill Book in 1919, this masterful blend of time-travel fantasy, alternate realities, and social satire propels early 20th century characters into the Philadelphia of the year 2118, in which the city is an isolated dystopia run by a corrupt oligarchy, the Liberty Bell has been transformed into a disintegration machine, and William Penn is worshiped as a god.



The Case of the Moon Maniac

written by Patrick Thomas

illustrated by Blair Webb

Graphic novel. The Moon Maniac, a rapist and cannibal, has escaped from Hell, and it's up to a forgotten Sumerian god—now Hell's Detective—to track him down before he can wreak even more havoc on Earth.



Three Time Travelers Walk Into…

edited by Michael A. Ventrella

Take three disparate people from history, throw them together, and then tell us the story that ensues. That's the only prompt the 18 authors had to write these incredible tales of time traveling adventure which fill out this rollicking anthology.



From the Earth to the Moon, and Around the Moon

Jules Verne

Originally published as two separate books, Jules Verne's eerily prescient tale of mankind's first visit to the Moon is properly presented here in one complete volume.




A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Jules Verne

translated by Frederick Amadeus Malleson

It all began when Professor Otto Liedenbrock discovered a coded message in an old runic manuscript, but it was his nephew, Axel, who deciphered the messages meaning. That's when the race truly started. The message pointed the way to a previously unknown world, one lurking right beneath their feet. And with that brief clue, the hunt was on.



Off on a Comet, or, Hector Servadac

Jules Verne

When the comet Gallia impacts Earth, the results are catastrophic… but only for a given few. After the glancing blow, Earth continues in its stately course, but a few chunks of the planet's outer shell are taken up by the comet, along with several dozen people. Thus begins Jules Verne's vision of a voyage through planetary space.




A Modern Utopia

H.G. Wells

A Modern Utopia is one of H.G. Wells' explorations of social problems set in the form of a novel, but it is more a complex investigation of what might be than a mere fictional story. The unnamed narrator and a traveling companion find themselves on a parallel Earth, where the geology, biology, and very people are duplicates of those we know.…




The Sleeper Awakes

H.G. Wells

Trying to cure his insomnia, Londoner Graham falls into a drug-induced coma in 1897… and wakes up 203 years later. He discovers a world in turmoil, a world shocked at his awakening, a world… that he owns.

Thus begins H.G. Wells' classic tale of a man out of time.…



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