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Primary Ignition

Allen Steele

ISBN: 978-1-58715-348-3

252 pages, $14.99



Assembled for the first time are all of two-time Hugo Award-winner Allen M. Steele's articles, essays, and travelogs. Drawn from such diverse sources as Absolute Magnitude, Artemis, and even his testimony on space travel before the United States Congress, Steele has put together a collection of work which spans his entire career as a writer. From insightful looks into the future of space travel, the nature of science fiction, the global village, and much more, here is a book certain to appeal to Steele's legion of fans, as well as readers of popular non-fiction and science fiction.

Table of Contents:
Introduction and Acknowledgments

Part One: Space
Road Trip for Rockets '84
Cape Canaveral Diary
Leaep of Faith
The Merchants of Mars
Dispatch from Tucson
The Tourist Trap
Long Time Coming

Part Two: Science Fiction
Artifacts of the Future
Bennett Cerf Asks: Do You Have an Irrepressible Urge to Write?
Facing Mars
"And Now, Our Lead Story…"
Deja Futuris
Estimated Prophet

Part Three: Destinations
The Flood in the Global Village
Dispatch from the Radjah Club
The Longest Eye
Cognitive Dissonance in Las Vegas
Jake's Last Stand
Mr. Steele Goes to Washington
The End of the Century

Appendix: Written Testimony to the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics, Committee on Science, U.S. House of Representatives: April 3, 2001