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Jar Jar Binks Must Die

…and Other Observations about Science Fiction Movies

Daniel M. Kimmel

Science Fiction Film History & Reviews

In this collection of essays, film critic and sf fan Kimmel covers movies from Metropolis (1927), answering the absurd claim that the restoration of this silent classic negated its status as a science fiction film, to how Star Trek, Avatar, Moon, and District 9 may have made 2009 a "miracle year" for the genre.



The Bend at the End of the Road

Barry N. Malzberg

Science Fiction Film History & Reviews

"Incisive, wise, mordant, informed by a deep understanding of science fiction in all its aspects—a book of indispensable essays." —Robert Silverberg

"In this book, Barry Malzberg will tell you what science fiction once was, why it changed, what it changed into, and why it's no longer what it could have been." —John-Henri Holmberg



The Mogollon News

Uncle River

Mogollon, New Mexico, is one of the Southwest's classic ghost towns. Originally a newspaper and Public Radio feature when Uncle River lived in Mogollon in the 1980s, these stories are fiction. But they caught a sense of place well enough that River's postmaster wondered why she didn't know the people.




Primary Ignition

Allen Steele

Non-fiction / Opinion

In this collection of articles, essays, travelogues, and more, Allen Steele discusses his life in science fiction and connection to space travel, and more.




On Samuel R. Delany's Dhalgren

edited by Bill Wood

Non-fiction / Literary Criticism

Reviews, critical essays, and in-depth analyses of Samuel R. Delany's classic best-seller Dhalgren as a novel, and as commentary on life and the world. There are also discussions of how to read the novel, and clues to unraveling some of the mysteries hidden therein.




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