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Tied in to Love

Iron Rodd

ISBN: 978-1-5154-2331-7 (formerly 978-1-61720-949-9)

116 pages, $7.99


Also available as an ebook, $2.99



Men topping women, women topping men, women topping women, and men topping men. This wide-ranging collection has a little of everything, and a lot of loving, light bondage (that is, bondage without the pain). Loving couples and groups enjoying their sexuality in non-traditional ways.

If you're looking for a little fantasy to help you get off, or some ideas to take into the bedroom with that special someone, you'll find a lot of inspiration between these covers.

If you don't like bondage, public display, humiliation, or sexual servitude, this book isn't for you. But if you're open to alternate experiences, this is the book you're yearning for.

Grab this collection of 14 stories and three vignettes for a good, sexy read, alone or together. You know you want to.