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The Complete Book of Presidential Inaugural Speeches, from George Washington to Joe Biden: Special Trump-less Edition

compiled and with notes by Ian Randal Strock

ISBN: 978-1-5154-2422-2

372 pages, $11.99



Every four years, the United States elects a President. And every four years, that President makes a speech, outlining his goals and plans for the coming term. Presidential inaugurations are Constitutionally mandated. Inaugural speeches, however, are just a tradition, but an enduring tradition.

The tradition of inaugural speeches began with George Washington speaking to a joint session of Congress in the Senate Chamber of Federal Hall in New York City. It has continued all the way up to Joe Biden's speech on the West Front of the Capitol before a deserted National Mall during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Presidential historian Ian Randal Strock has compiled all but one of the 60 Presidential inaugural addresses (for those who'd rather forget the 2017–2021 term) into this volume. Also included are descriptions of the elections that brought those Presidents to office, as well as information on the various inaugural ceremonies.