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The Origins, Tendencies and Principles of Government

Victoria C. Woodhull

ISBN: 978-1-5154-2336-2 (formerly 978-1-5154-0047-9)

266 pages, $10.99



In post-Civil War America, the newly freed slaves had the right to vote, but women—regardless of their race—did not. In this era, Victoria Claflin Woodhull came of age politically, and was one of the leading lights in the fight for true equal rights. The first woman to testify before Congress, the first to be nominated for President (in 1872, by the Equal Rights Party), and one of the first to own her own brokerage house on Wall Street, she had very definite ideas about how to improve the lives of Americans in general and women in particular.

This volume, originally published in 1871, was a collection of her writings related to the concept of government, what it was and ought to be. Those writings, which appeared frequently in newspapers of the time, as well as the entirety of the book, served as Woodhull's campaign platform, and garnered some interesting editorials (one of which is included).

The full title of the book, which delves into the author's thinking on the subject is: The Origin, Tendencies and Principles of Government: or, A Review of the Rise and Fall of Nations from early historic time to the present; with Special Considerations Regarding the Future of The United States as the Representative Government of the World and the Form of administration which will secure this consummation. Also, papers on human equality, as represented by labor and its representative, money; and the meaning and significance of life from a scientific standpoint, with its prophecies for the great future.

Contents include:

Cover imagery: Photo of Victoria Woodhull by Mathew Brady, circa 1870. Photo of the south face of the White House, circa 1870, courtesy of the Library of Congress. Background image: US flag with 37 stars, in use from 1867 to 1877.