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Master of Hawks

Linda E. Bushyager

ISBN: 978-1-60459-925-1

170 pages, $13.99



An exciting fantasy adventure in the tradition of Andre Norton and Marion Zimmer Bradley.

The young man they called Hawk had always been a loner, seeking solace in the company of the hawks, eagles, and other birds that he could telepathically sense and control. When the forces of the Tarel Empire marched on the Kingdom of York, Hawk willingly became a scout, seeing the countryside through the eyes of his birds. But he didn't realize he'd soon be thrust into the center of action, as a series of increasingly perilous adventures pitted him against another bird-telepath, soldiers, and deadly sorcerers. The key to York's survival was an alliance with the Sylvan—forest dwellers with powers of their own. To win their friendship, Hawk found himself teamed with a beautiful, mysterious young woman and sent on a dangerous mission, where not only their survival, but the outcome of the war would depend on his avian mastery.


"A fast-moving, entertaining story‚Ķ written in a crisp, clear prose style that is all too rare in most fantasy fiction." —Don D'Ammassa

"Well written and with good characterization." —The WSFA Journal

"A fun romp, delightfully penned." —David Coy