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Fantastic Books is a publisher of quality new and reprint speculative fiction. Some of our authors have been publishing and winning awards for decades. Others are brand new, and welcoming the arrival of their first books here. Whatever you're looking for—science fiction, fantasy, horror, or related non-fiction—classic novels, fascinating short stories, the cream of last year's crop, or of next year's, you'll find those fantastic books here, at Fantastic Books.

Gray Rabbit is the catch-all imprint of Gray Rabbit Publications, LLC, the corporate parent company. Gray Rabbit, the imprint, publishes a wide variety of books that interest us, and, we hope, you. From classic titles to modern fiction, history and non-fiction, you'll find it here.



Newest books

Release the Virgins Open for Submissions

On June 25, editor Michael Ventrella announced that Release the Virgins, the anthology project that was just successfully funded on Kickstarter, is now open for submissions. For more details, see https://michaelaventrella.com/2018/06/25/release-the-virgins-open-for-submissions/.

Newest press releases

White Wing Takes Flight Again (15 May 2018)

Science Fiction for the (Electronic) Throne (12 October 2017)

Trending Through Genre Walls with Allen Steele's The Doppler Effect and Other Stories (1 August 2017)

Upcoming appearances

Publisher Ian Randal Strock and Fantastic Books will be at Confluence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (July 27-29), Albacon in Albany, New York (September 14-16), and Capclave in Rockville, Maryland (September 28-30). In later months, we'll be at Philcon, Arisia, Boskone, Dark Side of the Con, and more, but we're also looking for new conventions and book fairs, where we can introduce our books to new readers. If you've got suggestions, please let us know.